Historical Review

Historical review: First of January we had an invitation of our nicaraguense friend Curly Maria. It was an appointment very waited for by us because that day we would have the opportunity to learn to prepare the Vapor Meat, typical plate of Nicaragua. That day we learned the secrets kept from its breast the Mrs Curly Rosalpina very well that lives in Nicaragua and came to Miami to spend its vacations and we took advantage of the occasion so that it taught this succulent plate to us. Thousands thanks to our friend Maria and a million more for its breast Mrs Rosalpina. This is the prescription of the weekly. Nicaraguense typical plate with strong indigenous roots. In Nicaragua many families hold meetings with a delicious vapor like strong plate; also they prefer nicas it during Christmases. The secret of this plate is marinated of the meat the previous day, the baking to average fire by 2 to 3 hours and in careful envelope of banana leaf within the casserole where the meat was prepared. Ingredients: 4 Libras of cured meat or chest of res3 Bananas maduros3 green Bananas bare and cut in 3 pieces c/u.3 great Yuccas bare and cut in pedazos6 Units of chorizo.1 Package of banana leaves or 12 hojas.2 Tomatos apple trees cut in slices, 1 for either picadito one for salsa2 cut great Onions in slices, 1 for or picadito for salsa1 cut great red Pimento in Julian thicknesses, 1 for or picadito one for salsa1 cut great green Pepper in Julian thicknesses, 1 for or picadito one for salsa2 the juice of a Bitter orange, 1 for salsa.2 Spoonfuls of vinegar, 4 spoonfuls for salsa1/4 water Cup for salsa6 Units of sweet Red pepper or picadito Chile or for the sauce Head of garlic and/or 8 bare and crushed teeth for marinated of the carneSal and the pepper to the taste for marinated and salsa1 the sugar teaspoon for the sauce Preparation: To macerate or to marinate the meat with garlic, the salt, the pepper, the onion, tomato, the vinegar and the bitter orange juice.