Greek Government

Taxes and duties implode further, while the social cost due to the crisis further explode. Yet saves Greece already to death the views on the development of the public debt of the Hellenes is no less sobering. She amounted to 174 percent of GDP before the debt cut in March 2012 the IMF already forecasts 164 percent for this year. Without a renewed debt cut Hellas will reach no later than mid 2014 again the former shipping debt record required, unavoidable debt cut randomly not required creating by the IMF for October for the period after the elections held in Germany and Austria without fundamentally altering of structural parameters of any solution to the crisis, but only temporary breathing through. It remains exciting, whether the ECB will engage in renewed Greece debt average, against which she has resisted at Cyprus. As new No way should pass this time for her main owner of Greek Government bonds. This would be the final taboo in terms of direct State financing.

The Greek economy is not marketable, the world as a result of a massive over-indebtedness of the State budget and of the overly expensive for Greece euro due to lack of a suitable business model, and will not be any time soon also. Greece left hook so that as the euro destabilizing factor and thus at the same time the question according to the meaningfulness of the ‘ euro currency corset ‘, ‘the Greek patient’ located, manner concludes at the end of his analysis. Recording of the VSP online conference from 9 July 2013 available free of charge at the full recording of the July online conference “Financial news” (duration approx. 0:40 h) with many illustrating charts is under free of charge available. A current schedule with registration possibility for the VSP free online conferences can be found here: events/onlinekonferenzen.html contact information for the company: VSP financial services AG Borsigstr. 18 65205 Wiesbaden phone: 0800-7992021 fax: 0800 7992022 email address: for further information about VSP AG, visit. Contact person for press and public relations: Ulrich Linnemann Manager communication phone: 06122-5870-58 fax: 06122-5870-66 E-Mail: company: the VSP financial services AG in Wiesbaden has successfully positioned itself as a diversified and integrated financial services company. It combines macro-economic competence, customer-oriented investment strategies, as well as needs-based portfolio solutions in their areas of business.