Great Adventure

PURI expensive presents the concert in theatrical format Madame Noir. It acts this Saturday at the Auditori in Barcelona. The lioness of Figueres sank in the music industry well and took seven years to exit, reborn, and aside from the totems of the market. In independence, has found a new path that leads her to the 1950s. This Saturday you’ll find in Barcelona. Monica Naranjo has been transformed into Madame Noir? The character of Monica Naranjo Yes has to do with her but the Monica person, absolutely not.

They are very disparate lives. What I can say is that Madame Noir is a gift. How is this diva of 50? Very dedicated to cinema, narcissistic, haughty, selfish but attractive and even endearing. Remember I am addicted to the biographies. I read a lot. So to Marlene Dietrich, Audrey Hepburn, Ava Gardner, Rita Hayworth Este dramatized concert was decided at a dinner with my computer: would bear on stage what happens behind the scenes. Power interact with the public and make them laugh is the medicine of life.

What Monica Naranjo will we see? In 20 years of career, I have played many records. You need to reinvent yourself, but it’s very boring. There is no music as we knew it. For better or for worse, you think? Fortunately. Earlier, artists and authors were the last crap out of the industry. Now, fortunately, prevailing great spectacles. How your environment received his return after seven years away? When I decided to go back to the theatres is organized a Cabinet crisis. But, in the end, the worst ideas are the best. Some years I do what I want. With my life game I. I have no owner. I am a free soul. But before, what was you happening? I’ve learned to meditate, listen to me internally. I am very skin and intuition. I had always heard but, as a result of its proximity to the entertainment world, he had fallen into a well by not knowing how to jump before the boat. It is finalizing a rock opera. I am finishing the production. I am a songwriter of all my work. I’ve always known what I wanted to sing in every moment. I spend many hours in the recording Studio. I’ve created an appeal to the human conscience and I am taking it me with peace of mind because it is a work of Chinese. This June we recorded with a Symphony and a coral. And sum other project dance with the Spanish DJ Brian Cross. We will be on tour in the major clubs in Europe. How it addresses this maelstrom after the hiatus in his career? Knowing that after I go home and see my son (aged 19), my dogs, my cats and my field. The great adventure of my life started when I quit this job. What happened before these 7 years I barely remember or I want to remember it. I learned and I grew up but do not live in the past. But what was the problem? He was a junkie’s work. * L Auditori. Lepant, 150. On Saturday, at 2130 hours. Price of tickets from 35 to 75 euros. Source of the news: Monica Naranjo: “the great adventure of my life began to leave this job”