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another type of activity is to make maps, wants to say to copy the map of the book and many times the hand-free one. Another constatao is of that geography still is given in traditional way taking always in account the resume, through the concentrical circles. The contents are preset considering it dimension of the absolute space, leaving always of next and following with magnifying to the more distant spaces each time. The analysis scale is not considered in its complexity in /de the real life. The idea of absolute space predominates masking the agreement of the questions of the life that are dynamic and many full times of contradictions that they need to be managed. On working with the concepts, in a general way they are considered that these little are worked. To a great extent they are presented as ready and finished, without leading in account what the pupil already knows and nor with the possibility to construct them.

The professors say that the concepts are used of theoretical form, not establishing relations with the real world and nor problematizando the questions of the daily one. In the practical one the definition of termoa to the pupil is passed, who must memorize it. In general the professors argue that they work with the concepts of Group, space and time, but have difficulty of to establish connection them with the subjects of Geography. The necessity elapses of this to decorate the concepts, what it does not represent learning and nor allows understands them as tools for the learning and to understand the world where they live. Professors according to interviewed, the work with concepts allows that the pupil carries through significant learnings, making the interconnection with the Real, with the environment that the fence. In accordance with the professors this is the chance to elaborate the knowledge that it (the pupil) has decurrent of its proper experience, teorizando and understanding the reality.