French President

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The United States and Britain positions, on the one hand; France and Germany, on the other; the apprehensions of China and Russia, and the suspicion not too encouraging result they predicted in Asia and Latin America. But if it was, the great architect of the coalition was Obama. It wasn’t so much for what he did, but for what he did not. Not proposed to impose, but to negotiate, convinced that the prospect of a United World would do more to rescue the international economics of the deep recession that is a compromise pulled out by force. This Obama made use of a highly positive humility, where as noted, the arrogance of being the leader of the most powerful country in the world this not contaminated it from greatness, used the right thing, a convincing language, plans, acceptable proposals and above all alliances.

As Diament has emphasized, Obama understood that United States must rejoin the world after eight years of ostracism caused by the policies of his predecessor, George W. Bush, but to do it was necessary to show humility, recognize the responsibility that has had and has in the present crisis, and accept that the era unipolar or bipolar ended. He exhibited in London with a grace that disarmed the rivalry and aquieto the anxieties of Nicolas Sarkozy, Angela Merkel, Dimitri Medvedev and Hu Jintao. And even assumed the role of itinerant intermediary when the positions of France and China seemed to go to the collision through the requirement of French President finished with tax shelters, to which China is oponia for obvious reasons: Macao and Hong Kong could end up falling into this category. Obama has become Diament tells us in the vehicle of reconciliation. The country which leads has been pushed to the modesty for the economic mess, but has not caido nor in resentment or in self-pity.