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Choose, are they or where you will find the real death of their company, their investments and their utilities to lose the war. IT IS VERY HARD BUT SO ARE THINGS WHEN THERE IS A WAR! WELCOME TO THE 21ST CENTURY! c. treatment in General. Don’t forget that managers or controls leaders who hire, are # 1 and strategists, which will require him to be treated by you as General leaders, and they need time to adapt to your organization – but I remember are not manual laborers which requires only 3 months. You have not hired mandaderos or people who are good seconds which must give account of every step that give and continue being only you decide things if you act this way (Hitler did the same with his generals), we are sure that they will abandon him and very soon for the happiness of your competition your company you have to offer them and mean an excellent business and above all much prestige for the leaders of teams winners invited to participate in the driving of your business, and that it implies that you are willing to remunerate them adequately, because they are able to forge and leaders to do all his people, making sure know, be able and want to win the war never forget eventually, the leaders of teams, strategists who know how to give the results in time and that they ensure a victorious future, not abound all others Yes. 2nd.

new rule: how to measure and evaluate their staff, must not already be from age, degree of kinship, by their titles or MBAs, PhDs, or his shouted allegiance to his person. That you keep or not someone in his position, must depend solely on their daily positive contribution to your business. One who loses all day time and only makes things when someone demands them are others, and others is also that you only shows teeth and no results or one who celebrates it or is a Yes Lord to everything you say. You like Blogs related lean demais.