Fidel Military

In the military question the republicans are more inclined to request more welding in Iraq and Afghanistan and to increase the cost military (although they can want to diminish the cost in social services) whereas the democrats are more permeable to cuts in the warlike budget or the use of certain type of arms. Whereas Bush does not consider that the nonconventional combatants ( terrorist ) do not have to be treated according to the rules for prisoners military of Geneva, the democrats think that yes they must do it and ask to dismantle Guantnamo. All the republicans accept that it is possible to be gone to bomb Iran (thing that Clinton could share but than Obama doubt), although some of them even call to send nuclear missiles against terrorist fields. The candidates on Latin America No of the candidates gives to major importance him to this region whereas the Middle East and other zones are those that dominate the discussion on external policy. In many cases Latin the America subject is reduced to that to do before Chvez. While the republicans are harder before him the democrats can be more accessible to deal with him. No of the candidates is fluid in Castilian or Portuguese.

Some investigators emphasize the contradiction of the republicans who call to make a world-wide fight by the freedom but they destabilize elect governments who are not to them favorable (like those of Venezuela or Palestine) whereas they support yet to dictatorships like the Saudi, Pakistani or uzbeka. Within the Romney republicans he labels to tyrannous Chvez as and so he would not discard to justify some form of violence to overthrow it. He says that under his administration there will be no dialogue with Cuba nor he cuts of the boycott. Nevertheless, the cubanoamericanos leaders think that more serious before I castrate is McCain and Mel senator Martinez has considered him to him like the greater nightmare than has Fidel.