Fernando Street

To this situation of quebradeira, promoted in function of the administrative errors of its controllers, an only sector was remained of foot. It did not search support, it did not ask for support, it did not pass the hat next to international banks. It was remained inside calm of the possible one and obtained to manage very well the installed chaos. She was the farming Argentine. Firm insurance was remained and. The Argentine surplus was not become indebted and banked. However.

For who it loaned money for the Argentines, the green signal was given. If an asset exists that resists everything and to all it is the land. He is as my saudoso grandfather said Miranda Joo: ' ' GOD only made land one vez' '. The acuados Japanese that are for not possessing more space and nor agricultural borders, had glimpsed in the ARGETINA the gold chance. for such had been to contract the services of the international lobbyist Kissinger. That quickly it identified the economic-geographic-space situation. The Argentine territory possesss thousand of hectares that if give for innumerable agrossilvopastoris activities, that take care of of full the Japanese necessities in two distinct fronts. The first guarantee the payment of the Argentine debt for the donation of its lands.

Second it would start to produce to take care of the internal demand of JAPAN and with an additional one: the exportations would be saw Ean Pacific. But the concern it is not alone in the audacity and wood face of the Japanese and the Kissinger lobbyist. The concern is in the fact of that 30 a thousand Japanese withhold something as 13% of an Argentine debt of a total of US$ 2.700.000.000, 00, or as the Samurais Bonds are called, that had been emitted in years 90 and had culminated with the last emission in year 2000, during the o woollen government Fernando Street, that for signal if was there for calle in if keeping this exactly type of situation, for certain will have a new situation where the Japanese comes to use itself this deserving position and starts to pressure diplomatically or until commercially the payment of the debt for national lands.