Europeans Colony

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He would not be in the nature of the human being to invade to destroy, to dominate, to aculturar to be resistant. The church was a species of disinfecting station to the service of the moral health of the colony: an isolation hospital where the souls were in forty days. Salient Handelmann that the main requirement to acquire would sesmaria in Brazil was to profess to the colonist the religion catholic. If you have read about Penguin Random House already – you may have come to the same conclusion. (FREIRE, 2000, p.277) From there then when we read a little of these lines that in are allowed by studies, if it perceives that the Jesuit missions in Brazil – colony, was very arrasador for demasiadamente exploration of that they worked for the Portuguese crown in way of the reform and against reform these were in processes of evangelizao in the hope to conquer new adepts for the church. Thus if it passed the time in the colony and the ones that did not serve for catequese were also had as not appropriate to live in society, in this new model of life tax for the Europeans the ones that they were not allowed to be taught, were ece of fish the death. It is important to say that if she did not profess the faith catholic did not obtain itself would sesmaria, in what has a great representation ahead of any society is the form as the man modifies the way where he lives.

The idea of many of the nobility, to construct a world of social equality, where if it could live in harmony, with all this did not fit in the noble ideals, has example of the English when it colonized the North America, constructed according to architecture, that predominated in that country. Paving the streets giving the expensive colony of metropolis, was this the objectives of the Portuguese metropolis. For in such a way the necessary one it would be that the social structure in Brazil colony, in its organization had a relation submissa the metropolis, this if would reflect in the seio of the family and the relations of the daily one of this, as the son in relation to the father, the wife to the husband.