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Eucalipto: choosing the correct place for the culture Frequently eucalitpo is friction as a species that ‘ ‘ it dries solo’ ‘. Although nor always this correct information either, has some cares in the choice of the correct place to carry through the plantation that can minimize possible relative problems to the use of the water. For being a species with fast growth, eucalipto demand great amounts of water. However, this does not mean that where the species is planted it will be, without a doubt, target of ‘ ‘ secamento of solo’ ‘. In the truth, problems of water use causing problems as the degradation of the fretico sheet occur generally in climates park, that is, in places where well defined stations occur dry and humid.

In other words, in a station it has abundance of water (humid) and in the other scarcity (it dries). Why this climatic condition to have problems related to the water and eucalipto? Because the reduction of the recharge of the underground water occurs generally when the forest plantations use the water of the ground during the dry station and the beginning of the humid time. Thus, a very great water deficit is created that delays to be restituted by rains, what it provokes the substantial reduction of the recharge of underground water e, many times, ‘ ‘ secamento’ ‘ of the ground and riozinho. Ahead of this, if the intention of the producer is to plant eucalipto in areas with estacional climate, can be adopted the increase of the espaamento between trees. Thus, it will have little trees for area to extract water of the ground and, for consequence, this will remain more humid, what it soon allows the recharge of the underground water at the beginning of the rainy station minimizing problems of humidity and recharge of the water-bearing fretico. Chemical preparation from: MORRIS, J.; NINGNAN, Z.; ZENGJIANG, Y.; COLLOPY, J.; DAPING, X. Water uses bt fast-growing Eucalyptus urophylla plantations in southern China.