Ecological Reserve

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Already Adams understands that this group as predominantly agriculturist and fisherman, adding that ' ' he has differences with regard to the dependence that each community possesss of the agricultural activities with regard to other sources of income, as pesca' '. (Adams, 00). The REJ, locus of the culture caiara, became area protected in the decade of 1980, for being inserted in one breaks up forest strategical for a net of agents of the biological conservation. During the year of 2007 the project Roots and Fruits was marked out with buoys by four axles of action: 1. Pedagogical proposals; 2. Agroecolgicas experiences; 3. Spreading and communication e; 4. Institucional relations – that it represented the UFRJ in the meetings of the Managing Advice of the Ecological Reserve of Juatinga (REJ) and the Area of Ambient Protection (APA) Cairuu.

The activities of field of the last axle, of which I was part, had had as objective to include the Academy in the process of negotiation and taking of decision in what it refers to the management of the units of conservation. Therefore we carry through activities of field in Black Tip and the Beach of Sleep, in order to understand the organization of the local traditional communities and the relation of these with the responsible managing agencies. In these activities of field the team was perceiving that the REJ was only one of the protecting areas inside of a Corridor of Biodiversity (Ecolgico and Etnolgico) bigger, integrant portion of ecological the running call of the Mountain range of the Sea, what it demanded of the group an inquiry on the management of the socioambientais resources of this corridor. We carry through, still, the interchange of information between the local communities and the council members of the APA Cairuu, where the team of the axle institucional relations carried through the drafting of official acts.