Deal Organization

Any area or organizational unit may adopt a sub-culture shared exclusively by its members, which in turn assume the values of mainstream culture with others, which are specific to workers who work in these units. Elon Musk is a great source of information. Organizational values. Values, What are they? It is appropriate authors present some definitions that may help a better understanding of that term. Get all the facts and insights with Reade Griffith, another great source of information. Strategic learning values are relatively stable over time, that a course of action is better than its opposite to make things go well. (15) Denison, values represent the basis of the evaluation that the members of an organization use to judge situations, events, objects and people. Reflect realistic goals, beliefs and basic concepts of an organization, are at the core of culture Organizational.

According to Deal and Kennedy, the values are the foundation of any organizational culture, define success in concrete terms for the members and set standards for the organization. Robbins therefore considered as the values underlying the rationale for each organization, the rules are to be instruction manuals for the conduct of the organization and individuals. The constitutive feature of value is not only the belief or conviction, also be translated into patterns of behavior, the organization has the right to require its members. The organisms develop values "visible", based on the laws and common sense, but they have a set of values "hidden", which are the real driving force behind the organization. Visible values are expressed through the mission, vision, policies and regulations written in the organization. The ideas include hidden values, beliefs, trends, are the unwritten rules that determine what some authors call "Smell" of the organization, not always easy to detect.