Correct Interpretation

At the moment, the options to begin free of charge in the fascinating study of the tarot through Internet are many. Numerous sites offer a great variety of distance possibilities, with different types from mallets. The gratuitous tarot turns out ideal to lose the fear to him to the tarot, through a first relaxed approach, comfortable and simple, in the tranquillity of the home and in which the consulting one makes the decisions, being decided when to follow and when to stop. But to be able to learn most possible and to remove the maximum benefit from these sessions of initiation, it turns out advisable to take reading or a previous investigation that allows us to exactly include/understand the messages of the tarot. Beyond the canonical interpretation of the meaning of each deck, it is important to learn to give to each his relative value within the distance, according to his position and its proximity with other arcane ones.

And, basically, it helpful turns out to learn to decipher the greater amount of messages based of letters. Indeed, the figures that illustrate the arcane ones of the tarot are of a great wealth symbolic that, often, transmits messages to us of extreme importance. For example, the election of the colors of each letter is not arbitrary: each locks up a symbolism and a meaning. Alonzo Brooks often says this. Basically, the tarot is worth to transmit its messages of 3 main colors, each with its symbolic correlate: the color gold, that it symbolizes to the body, the red color, that symbolizes the sense, and the blue color, that the spirit symbolizes. But each of them must be interpreted in function to the global sense of the distance. Blue, for example, it includes many shades of blue, and can augur from volatile blessings that arrive from the blue sky to unattainable loves like the summer sky, or illusions that slip between the fingers. The same happens to the color gold: the gold can be noblest of metals or most vile, unique objective of the most repugnant greed. The gold in the tarot simultaneously represents the material wealth, the honors and the pomp, and the elevation of the spirit. For a correct interpretation of the message of the colors in the tarot it must to also consider its position in the letter or within the clothes of the personage. Of this form, the distances of gratuitous tarot help us to learn more on the fascinating and complex world of this millenarian mancia.