Congreso Mexicano

I can not mention this last meeting during the V Congreso Mexicano de education holistic, inside the spirit given there was something very different, they invaded me moments of much reflection I discovered reviewing several times paragraph of the scenery where he said studying the holistic education is leave the darkness and find the light and Ramon Gallegos opens the door that separates the two. I thought at that stage in the before dark and the now light, and I felt confusion at the beginning and in a short time, my understanding was clarified as when your vision is not accurate by the lighting, you sometimes dazzles and not reach to locate is more beyond, but that by continuing to read tells you that his vision of education is a guide with which I can achieve something hopeful as it is the integral consciousness that I can live in confluence with our spirituality, our intelligence, creativity and the love; i.e. all beings of the world in a Kosmica Symphony. I learned to give me the opportunity to hear who I was for others with the same goals, they opened their arms to encouraging me and welcoming me according to its essence, I say let me wanting because they showed me its worth and acceptance from diversity. I was able to realize that reflecting on this coexistence my meditations made in moments of backwater paying attention if my breathing as I indicate my master Ramon Gallegos and also from the heart is found where my spirituality to achieve quiet and observe my thoughts realizing that also the mind needed calm of peace and rest to let flow the synergy that the universe has and complemented the totality of how continue fuelling the flame of love to hear from the serenity to the learning community for being able to be myself being happy.