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But those that go to a contest or have limited knowledge and personnel for the first time can be seen benefitted by the experience of a specialized consultant’s office. It frees in addition us to impose to the workers of the transmitter a boosting charge of work to which already they support on a daily basis. They are only essential in those cases in which it is demanded that the technical sections go signed by a competent technician (like an engineer) or certificate by a professional school. 4. What must offer these companies to me? The main thing: Experience and good for doing, with clients satisfied verifiable that is in agreement with the work carried out That to the clients supposes a lowest charge to them of work. Its work only must be to verify that the supply gathers the agreed thing in the previous meetings of work. Of the rest the adviser is in charge. That offers asumible previous calendar an own work party and that is not shared with other companies that compete for the same licenses.

We remember that the procedures of licitation of radio transmitters are very similar in all the Communities. The experience allows that these companies can put in value the knowledge acquired in similar situations. 5. How I choose the best adviser? Practical advice: Desconfa of whom he guarantees a rate of success. The supply does not gain the adviser. If to assure a rate success it were possible, that would be equivalent to say that we are buying awarded ticket of lottery. You can be imagined: which would be the one that price that this consultant’s office would receive to you? He would be astronomical, would not compete in price and would not be precise the publicity because they would take off it of the hands. Who to afir this to me would be next to the prevarication crime because only the Government, after the report of the hiring table, can indicate who desire the license.