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Will the buyer pay the Bill then maybe? Can it work in theory? On paper Yes. It is possible the future tenant or buyer contractually oblige a Commission to pay. But keep in mind, please, that buyer or renter are not stupid. And you can also calculate and add up 1 + 2, at least with the calculator. It is also so that many prospective buyers find the ignore all Commission ads for a suitable property. How it looks so in practice? Now if you offer your holiday homes with provision for the buyer/tenant, then the marketing of real estate will take much longer, because those who are not willing to pay a Commission, just simply not be sign today in the economic crisis,. Each day that passes unnecessary empty in the real estate or simply is not sold, costs money.

And your money. That is a fact. If a prospective buyer is willing to pay the Commission, finds, well, then he is one in return or other month rent-free or want to have a substantial discount on the regular rent. In case of a sale the prospect will want to have more realistic way at least half of the Commission as a discount on the purchase price, otherwise he will not sign. As well as always, will have ultimately most likely additional costs at least in the amount of the Commission in total through the longer marketing and the necessary discount. I.e.

it would have been in hindsight for you cheaper, paid instantly even the Commission and had offered the real estate Commission-free. What alternative is there? Yes, there is an alternative. A Commission-free real estate for the buyer/tenant, as well as for the seller/landlord is representable. The seller/landlord pays only a service fee according to the booked services. The landlord choose the service package from a wide range, which he needed. And services turns up exactly the same way as he It would like to. In any case, the provider must, and it comes down to ultimately ensure a high quality of service. You should check it regularly as a customer. Ultimately significantly more cost effective, but how the? Achieved through consistent use of leading service providers and partners, the Internet offers many opportunities for cooperation. The new technologies offer tremendous savings that most companies simply far too little use. Brokers also have to deal with these realities, and good brokers are leaders in the use of modern technical tools. Always according to the principle that what can one really well, even making. Everything else you can by leading external service provider implemented. Nothing new so only through the Internet has grown the selection of the cooperation partners and the competition has intensified. The customer receives a fully satisfactory and high-quality service package at a predetermined, most significantly lower price. Which providers are It? Now iMakler as a pure online provider, villavendo, based on the bidding process and as a local supplier to make. As a customer, you decide whether in future finally with inflated commissions conclusion will be. You can cause a change in the industry, by you to the your advantage deliberately waive on Commission-based brokerage and opt for providing Commission free and modern. Sokol Mihajlovic brokers for financing real estate insurance