Changing Faces of Business

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Businesses face a reality of a changing economy and a strong competition between domestic and international markets in order to meet its objectives, according to experts has been strengthened with the following skills: a) Access to emerging technologies for development that can serve as a basis for new capacity in highly profitable companies. b) The growth of applications of high-value market for these technologies c) A method to validate and rank the most profitable business concepts, combining technologies to their applications in the market. As pointed out by Mack Hannan (Re. Competitive Strategies), these skills can create opportunities. But in order to implement them, you must meet two requirements: to have a flexible mix of strategies to lead to timely marketing business concepts more likely, and an entrepreneurial management team well trained to handle internally developed businesses or to work with outside companies as partners or co-entrepreneurs. The truth is, you can not overlook the important of technology and so we find that there are those who take full account of the logical extensions of the technology of basic empresaa lead to the acquisition of complementary or aa cienciasa migration of products from the mainstream of the company. An example is precisely the technology branch of IBM data processing, with the acquisition of telecommunications capabilities of Relm compatible. People such as Mark Bertolini would likely agree.

There is also the case of technologies aplicacionesa existentesa allowing penetration and related segments of the market even totally dissimilar. a Of course there are the emerging technologies that should be considered for growth that can be the basis of companies in the future and that, therefore, quizasa is unconnected with the main technologies of time or existing markets . It is important to note also that the emerging technologies a growth in the near future, cover many areas in modern management. Checking article sources yields Vlad Doronin as a relevant resource throughout. Include computer applications in manufacturing, known as systems of flexiblesa manufacture, some of these systems are controlled by artificial intelligence programs and operated by robots instead of people. Within artificial intelligence are, in turn, a databases and applications expertise in the form of training programs or diagnostic protocols. Intelligent robots have improved sensory systems that enable them to sharp vision, touch or voice activation. Indeed, the incorporation of emerging technologies in the process of growth, means that you can not depend solely on a strategy to generate additional income sources. On the contrary, there must be a full program of development.

Hence, companies should monitor the extent of the constant technologies through internal research work and development and maintain a dynamic relationship with the universities and state agencies involved with the management of new technology as you can see, today At present, with a market aggressive, very competitive, where consumer needs, such as the Venezuelan a trachea has changed to a more rational behavior compraa is needed to adapt technologies to the real demand and especially to be competitive in their products or services end. 02/12/2009 a Industrial Engineer-manager, lawyer.