Cement Production Application

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Rotary kiln is a pyroprocessing device, which is mainly used to raise materials to a high temperature in a continuous process, as the common saying calcinations. does rotary kiln is usually used with the material as follows: cement, lime, refractories, metakaolin, titanium dioxide, alumina, vermiculite, iron ore pellets? etc. According to different material, rotary kiln can be divided into three types, cement kiln, metallurgy and limestone kiln kiln. The cement kiln is mainly used for calcimine of cement clinker; usually, it has two types, wet and dry. The kiln is used in metallurgy industry and ironworks, such as metallurgy lean iron ore, chromium ore and ferronickel ore calcimine. The lime kiln, also named active lime kiln, is used for roasting the active lime which is used in steel and ferroalloy works, and calcined dolomite works. In addition to cement production application, rotary cement kiln can also be used to magnetize lean magnetite ore and magnetized roasting of iron ore; Chromium, nickel-iron-oxidizing roasting; roasting high bauxite ore in refractory plant and roasting clinker and aluminium hydroxide in aluminum factory; roasting chromium ore and chromium ore ore in chemical plant.

Our company also produces lime rotary kiln in short as lime kiln, which is used for roasting active lime dolomite in steel and Ferroalloy Factor. Do do Equipment roasting kilns and cooling kiln heating source use of re-restore back to the converter, gas, electric, or coal, can be divided into the dry section, preheating and heating segment, heating the reaction section of three parts, reduction roasting the ore material temperature is 500-600?, into the cooling kiln, would like to be discharged after cooling the kiln outside watering, the roasted ore was cooled to 80? click. Rotary kilns there are high energy consumption, investment, kiln inner wall of the ease of ring formation phenomenon and higher production costs, the operating process control are higher and other shortcomings. Rotary furnace operation processes but mature, large capacity, high degree of mechanization equipment qualitative, cobalt Desde UNROASTED the restored the preferred. Flotation machine: