Car Against Theft

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40% Of Spaniards do not cares about protecting your car against theft Lleida, Malaga and Granada are the provinces where more robberies occur but where less theft coverage is hired 40% of Spaniards is not interested in protect your car against theft although the largest number of theft occurs on the streetthey are the drivers who park in garages more conscious Madrid, March 9, 2011. The possibility of suffering the theft of the own vehicle should be a matter of interest and concern to Spanish drivers; However, according to a report by, one of the most important online car insurance in our country comparators, even 40% of Spaniards are not interested in hiring auto theft on your policy coverage. Currently in Spain about 300 vehicles are subtracted a day, which means an annual total of between 100,000 and 120,000. This is equivalent to 0.53% of cars stolen in our country, being Lleida the province with more steals (1.16%), followed by Malaga (1.14%) and Granada (1.13%). Paradoxically, the number of robberies does not seem to relate to the percentage of users concerned by lose your vehicle as Lleida, despite being the province with a higher rate of carjacking, is also having a smaller index of drivers with intention of recruiting coverage for theft, with only 53.6%.

There are those who, thinking about saving, decide to dispense with theft of your car coverage, which under the exposed data can be more damaging if it is worth: for a few euros end up risking a much more valuable asset says Mauro Giacobbe, Director of, comparator insurance independent online. Renounce as important as the theft coverage is not the best option to save. Managers, staff and administrative, the more aware the analysis by data collected by professions reveals that managers they are more interested in hiring this coverage (76.9%), followed by officials (72.5%) and administrative (68.4%). The percentage also varies between those who have a new or used vehicle (65.8% and 59.1%, respectively). The car is also, without a doubt, a very important element in the Spanish family, both married men top the list of interested in this coverage with a 61.7%. Instead, those under age 30 are less concerned (55%), with the rest of stripes moving between 62% and 61%. Most striking is still analyzing these percentages according to the place where we parked our vehicle. Curiously, drivers who park in a collective garage are more likely to hire this benefit to those who leave the car on the street (69.7% versus 46.5%).