There are all kinds of animals represented in business. It is the chameleon that changes completely depending on the head, the bull that is unstoppable and has walls, the ostrich burying its head whenever things are tightened, the goat in glassware, which knows no diplomacy until the cobras come, which dries and kills people who are close to that of gaining office. Today I want to focus on two figures: the penguin and pigeon. These two characters come to the case as a continuation of last week’s article “Lies.” Penguins. Corporate Penguin is a character who has wings but can not fly. It is because he’s smart tag and therefore looks better than it really is.

The skills this character has to explain slides are confused with their ability to manage groups and generate results. At the meetings with their bosses, is an excellent presenter. The Power Point is your best friend because he is the ideal vehicle to make your show, all the graphics look nice in color, are tested and known to cause handle a “good impression”. Highlight the good, the bad, he hides it or dilute it with other information to go undetected. The penguin tweaked the slides in the right places, the studies one by one, and the best cosmetic surgeon, the tunes to look. Yet in the end, the detailed makeup to look like girl about to go to a dance at night. A typical penguin has his entire staff working for presentations. Enter a monthly meeting and the other what it does is simple: prepare the following presentation.