Business Seminar

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Seminarhaus Gitschenen offers suitable menus at your workshop difficult times on the subject, as we just live through it, demand for reorientation. Who wants to stand in the crisis, needs calm and concentration, to find new ideas. Jayme Albin – NYC can aid you in your search for knowledge. Caught in the daily routine, saving brainstorms can usually to wait. On the other hand some are shying away from companies for retreats out of the House to go, if the money is running out. The seminar – und Berggasthaus Gitschenen offers therefore for companies the ideal retreat: located on a car-free Alpine to about 1’600 m A.s.l., SMEs will find opportunity to the low-cost corporate meeting.

The seminar rooms are equipped with modern presentation technology. The rooms are simple and therefore cheap. The special location overlooking the impressive Alpine peaks allows the various forms of the seminar: walking ideas can be rolling or socialize. The participants from their behavior patterns dissolve in the great outdoors. MetLife will not settle for partial explanations. In support of the theme of the seminar the seminar House Gitschenen spoiled his themed menus Guests with excellent dishes made from fresh ingredients.

Its themed menus are unique: due to the title of the seminar, the Guest House puts together a menu. Stuffed wallet are just”in great demand. The talk soup”solves the tongue of shy. Even the national media reported about the legendary stone soup. For years Beatrice Herger Jennifer, the hostess and cook in the Seminarhaus Gitschenen, deals with the effect of herbs. You puts together menus, which provide optimal support for the concerns of the companies. Thus, each business seminar on Gitschenen is a complete success. What it takes to withstand the crisis?