Breath And Through – First Aid For Financial Crises

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The first book by Wiley Publishing on the subject of financial crises and comeback. “Business book 2010 like I am just as car of the business book 2009 air get me and” Wiley Publishing 2009 first aid in financial crises. Feedback very glad about the guest entries, criticism and also like to praise. Greetings failures and bankruptcies threaten more and more companies and self-employed persons. Bernhard Steiner shows how to effectively confront a crisis and restored its own company in the blink of an eye. Immediately actionable ways to save and backup, numerous examples, checklists and tips help to benefit from the know-how for building a safety net and thus in the long term to guarantee the existence of the company. The basics of financial planning not clear, many smaller businesses are easy. Avenges that especially in difficult Zeiten.Dieser Advisor who can access its own controlling Department, shows how to detect financial crises at an early stage and preventing them.

Chapter topics include how I saniere me and what I can do after a bankruptcy dedicated. The author offers assistance to tackle business difficulties and for a successful negotiation of the Bank. In contrast to other counselors, the book describes ways to make a comeback even after a bankruptcy. Compact and easy to understand Bernhard Steiner is immediately actionable ways to rescue and protection against bankruptcy. This book also describes is what to do in case of a default, and there are practical tips for start-ups and entrepreneurs. It tells the reader a money diet that always works, and provides the knowledge for a safety net in difficult times. With many tips and small exercises that show success quickly, is the book building, inspiring and Mut.Checklisten, examples, sample texts and practice-oriented approach of the author make this guide an indispensable tool for every self-employed. < press “practical guide for professionals and entrepreneurs, whose managing gets into trouble.