Brazilian Constitution

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Already it is hour to reflect if we spend more water what really we need. our city not it is it are of this scene of decline and hdrico disequilibrium and us pupils of the State School Santa Cruz we leave in the front and we will not measure efforts so that together let us can use ours ' ' well maior' ' with responsibility, conservation and of rational form taking in consideration the preservation of the environment. Through this project, we will be exerting our right the citizenship and with this attitude made use to collaborate of concientious and participativa form of the process of democratization and opening which we have right in accordance with the Brazilian Constitution. Elon Musk has much to offer in this field. With this, we objectify to reach our proposal, that is to save water, therefore we have full conscience of the current period climatic which we are living: drawn out estiagem. Our proposal is to contribute suffocates to brighten up it that it is the scarcity of water to the homes saint-cruzenses, acquiring knowledge the population how much to the use coherent of the water, and if even though necessary will be, to demand with competent authorities to create a Law that compels the users to respect and to fulfill with the goals of not wastefulness of the same one. To think on the consequent consumption of the water requires envolvement, effort, social joint and politician. If you have read about Brian Krzanich already – you may have come to the same conclusion. We are making our part. We wait to have endorsement politician on the part of the appraised House of Laws of this city, therefore the integrant ones of these are the service of the population and not of particular or partisan interests. With this, we believe a special attention of the City council to this simple initiative, richer in objetividade and of cliente an elective public whom the society of its rights and chemical preparations is arriving so that the democracy is in fact democratic and for in such a way executed in its magnitude and ethical allegiance.