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The reasons of success of the Cooperative meet not only in the quality of its products, but also in the agility and efficiency in the attendance to its associates and customers. The success of the businesses, in this in case that, is strong dependent of the performance of its employees, to supply the necessities of its associates and customers in the attendance and the delivery of its products. To read more click here: Prudential. With this great growth of the Cooperative in patrimony and, consequently in the number of employees, it appears to the necessity of the implementation of a plan of positions and wages. Without a plan of positions and wages the Cooperative can desestruturar itself, a time that such attitude is a form to organize company. Ahead of such situation, she questions yourself: ' ' Which factors/elements must be taken in consideration for the elaboration of a plan of positions and wages in a farming cooperative? ' ' In view of the great growth of the cooperatives in Brazil and the importance of the same ones for the development of one determined region, reorganization of all the administrative sector appears better then to the necessity of one, being distinguished, in the portraied case, the necessity of the implantation of a plan of positions and wages. As consequence, the Cooperative will get one better estruturao of its employees and its respective wages, having searched a more efficient performance of the same ones, allowing to improve its organization chart and its functionality in all the areas of the company. is because of these reasons that the cooperative (specific organization) implements this plan of positions and wages, by means of which, academics, professional futures will be benefited, therefore they could be one of implementadores and the cooperative also very will be benefited therefore will go to structuralize itself adjusting to its growth. The general objective will be to elaborate a plan of positions and wages for a farming cooperative. .