Brazil Country

It will be that some day our federal governor will be decent, clean fiche? Or he is utopian? Or it is all good? Thanks to the superior power of our Brazil, I do not see at least a lying man in the streets of So Paulo. Or, I am thankful, and quick homage to our presidents? as much that I will make them a film as tribute -, that I do not see a man to pass hunger, or to fight for food with an edentate dog. Or it will be that the man is that was the edentate dog? Not alive in an underdeveloped country! Living creature in Brazil, the country of all, an Emergent, Underdeveloped country Industrialized, with the economy in development, therefore we deal with ORDER AND PROGRESS! That excellent example. A country that has perfectly developed income, has housing and basic sanitation, has light, has water Now, let us sing with pride: ' ' Giant for proper natureza' '. The nature that soon will be substituted by nuclear plants unnecessary hydroelectric plants. E, also let us sing, that ' ' your future espelha this grandeza' '. Therefore, daqui only the four years, we can guarantee that the train bullet, the giant stadium of soccer, swimming pools and all more will be ready, AFTER ALL, ' ' a son yours does not run away to luta' ' to organize themselves, to plan, to construct everything what ours structuralized country of first world requere. In the end of the accounts, why I am complaining? We have everything what we need..