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In any case, the ideal – it regularly comment on the subject. I managed to get from one comment – 20 unique visitors in the first day and then another 20 over the next 15 days. Agree, for the novice blogger with 40 visitors comments not bad aid, considering a lot of other nice bonuses. For example, I started getting search engine traffic a day just after 3 months after the start of the project … In addition, no one stops to leave on 10, 20, 120 and etc.

comments per day, above that of the case! Third – you build referential mass. On many blogs, including mine, the comments attribute is used DoFollow, which means that the commentator is placed in use commentary links. Besides, the nickname or the name of the commentator is always a link that search engines take into account. As a result, you are also increasing the referential mass of his blog! If your blog is registered with the service, Technorati, you even there will be growing index of “authority” because of the absurdity of the search engine algorithm, written in Blog Reactions even your own comments on other people’s blogs! By the way, this is not a bad long-term asset! You leave somewhere comment, well, for example on my blog, it is constantly increasing rates of TCI and PR. PR, of course, each page its own, but the TCI – one for all pages on your site! You leave a link to today, when the TIC is a modest value of 40, and six months and a year, I hope this figure will be once in 3-4 above. You will receive their dividends in the form of a fat link! It’s like a bank -). This 3 main reasons, but there are still – for example, you become smarter! Because for In order to leave a nice comment, you must run at least in passing an article and get some new information or fix the old one. By the way, I had a post about how to properly comment on, or rather about how this do not think it will be useful to beginners. Another read: How to Start a turn even the foolish thoughts into money.