Blender Diet

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One of the difficulties with which persons wishing to lose abdominal fat are often larger not usually own diet, because today will not go hungry or diets are so restrictive, and are allowed to eat almost everything. This difficulty is that always eat boiled chicken or salmon grilled, or fillet without potatoes seven days a week, 365 days a year, more physical training can convert our dream of having a firm abdomen and muscled in a task tedious and difficult to maintain. But and if we give a twist to the diet? Try these delicious dishes, you can integrate them into your diet and help you burn the fat of the abdomen:-spinach sauteed with prawns, if you’re from good to eat can add them a scrambled egg. Fiber, mineral salts and proteins pump. They are also excellent for intestinal transit – variant of the Octopus Galician style without potatoes: cooked with paprika and temperate, with a tablespoon of olive oil. Banned dip bread! -Cod grilled with piperade (but only peppers, caramelized onions have sugar and causes gases that swell thy womb and see more bulky.) – gazpacho without bread! Tenderloin soup cold antioxidant and much more refreshing than any sweetened soft drink.

Put the Blender jar, tomatoes, a clove of garlic, half a cucumber, the tip of a pepper, a jet of oil, vinegar, salt and water ice zero abdominal fat. -The skewers of meat or tuna with vegetables that you can dress with any kind of spice that comes to you, you taste traveller, but never with sauces. -Oat flakes and the classic breakfast muesli mixed with yoghurt and fruits of the forest, natural diuretics that according to the abdominal fat that you need to lose, can also be regarded as unique dinner. -Anchovies (boquerones) marinated 24 h in vinegar and salt, once washed and seasoned with chopped garlic and parsley, are more flavorful Mediterranean sushi. For salads, excellent. And all this without abandon nor a little diet of few fats/many proteins that will result in the loss of abdominal fat.

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