Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

Janine Jansen at the Berlin Philharmonie, Janine Jansen, one of the most exciting violinists of her generation “-the mirror. “On their latest album, Beethoven & Britten violin concertos” presents them 2 of the most difficult concertos for a solo violinist. Unplayable”Jascha Heifetz once said about the Violin Concerto op. 15 by Benjamin Britten. But Janine Jansen convinced of the contrary. From 15th to 17th October 2009, she sang in Berlin. Together with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra under the baton of Daniel Harding, which presents young Wilde exactly that concert and thrilled a sold-out Philharmonic last night. Was launched the program by Daniel Harding with the strings of the Berlin Philharmonic with Bela Bartok (1881-1945) Divertimento for string orchestra sz 113′.

“Divertimento” comes from Italian and means pleasure “. Actually, it was a pleasure, Allegro non troppo, molto adagio and Allegro assai listen the 3 sentences. In particular the solo passages, which are excellent by the each First vote were played. After this introduction, the Orchestra was raised with the brass, timpani and percussion. It was followed by Benjamin Britten (1913-1976) Violin Concerto in 1939 completed in the years now op. 15 with Janine Jansen as a soloist. Had seen this violinist still not live, so it could be very curious.

The first notes very behavior, started it but little later and her famous temper free rein. You could literally feel how she sank into the piece and is United with her violin (Barrere”(1727) by Antonio Stradivari). Repeatedly cradling himself in time and to the moods of the Violin Concerto and was also soon fly the first (Arch) hair. What but held it not, to keep eye contact with which she worked several times together with conductor Daniel Harding. A good harmony between soloists and conductors is unavailable at such concerts and was also clearly felt. She mastered the virtuosic passages including tricky harmonics skillfully and with impeccable technique. In paragraphs rather quieter drove them back down and let vibrato flowing feeling with very nice. In the Violin Concerto, she totally excelled and convinced absolutely by their skills. “The young savages,” proved that the concert not unplayable “is, but presented it with such a violin art with a passion, how do you get to see it only rarely. Absolutely recommended! The audience was absolutely thrilled and it thanked her with endless applause, so violinist countless times, came back out and is thanked before the lights went on. After the break, Daniel Harding presented with the Berlin Philharmonic in death and Transfiguration ‘ op. 24 by Richard Strauss (1864-1949). The Symphony set of 3 parts (Largo Allegro molto agitato Lento) brought the audience a treat from the late romanticism, which excellently suitable as end of this great concert evening concludes. Who would like to see Janine Jansen: on 03.01.