Barca V Bayern! Next Slapper Or Century Victory?

Posted by Sylia on

What do staff plagued Bayern at the Nou Camp? There is thus a certain, special anticipation of soccer nights where I been days before hardly still can sit. The last time I had this feeling, FC Bayern in the Cup is taken on 1860. The first proper Derby in the arena. And now, the biggest ever European Cup night since the stadium move. THE Champions League game is getting closer. Barca v Bayern! (To make without 60 here now on a par with Barca: D). At first glance, FC Bayern here seems to meet on an overpowering enemy. No other team celebrates football in the manner as the Catalans to demonstrate it.

However, the FCB (from Munich), must not advance into the sand head. Just in this European Cup battles, in which one was the underdog, you could prevail over often enough over the years by pure will and bedingunglosen fight. You should be worried yet. Had the Bavarians biggest difficulties at the weekend against Misimovic/das/Grafite, is It’s exciting, what against Messi/ETO ‘ o/Henry will happen. After the humiliation by Magath wolves in two ways. It has completely lost his confidence in himself and is totally shot down in the first leg, or enters the now only right idea”, coupled with an arrogance of the Spaniards a what could then quite end in a surprise. After all, in four official clash, Bayern never went as losers from the square and three wins.

Forgotten the UEFA Cup semifinal, when the Bavarians moved after 2-2 in the Olympic Stadium in the second leg at Camp Nou with Babbel and Witeczek(!) in the final and the competition later won. In addition, Spanish teams have traditionally very much respect for the people in Munich, which since black Beck’s last-minute compensation against Atletico in 1974 in the UEFA Champions League final just yet la bestia negra”are called. So, even if the current form of the two teams clearly speaks for the Catalans. Cheer up! Chest out and eggs display! You are surely crucial everything is in there first 20, 30 minutes if it avoids a conceding a goal! The beer is cold ever, buy chips, the friend to friend sends it two fantastic European Cup evenings waiting for us! Who still doesn’t know where he will watch the game we recommend the lifting arena!