Antiquity Greek

19 This ' ' coisa' ' it is the history of a girl who had finished to lose its brother, Werner, when to its it took them mother for adoption. In its burial, Liesel if sees instigated to steal a book, the first one of its stolen book collection: The Manual of the Grave-digger: ' ' It had sheltered a black and rectangular thing in the snow. The girl only saw. It bent over, apanhou it she held and it firm between the fingers. The book had letters prateadas' '. 26 a synthesis on the Different Representations of Practical of Reading: Roger Chartier and Guglielmo Cavallo guarantee that ' ' a text exists because a reader exists to give significao&#039 to it; '.

In the study the History of the Reading In the World Occidental person, the authors make a trip for the life of the book and the practical ones of reading. Since the verbal culture in the Antiquity Greek, passing for writing in at the time Hellenistic coil, arriving Rome. Later, the coil is changed by cdex, a book with pages. The practical ones of reading are renewed, because until then, if had limited to the interiors of the Churches, the cells, the refectories, of the claustros, always directed to the Sacred Holy Writs. In centuries XI and XIV, with the renaissance of the cities, the schools appear. It is in them where it starts if to develop the alfabetizao, then, it has the appearance of a new literature. They appear the Libraries, where if it must make extremity silence for the accomplishment of the reading, appears the vulgar book, writing, many times, for the readers and we walk for the Modern Age. When we arrive in port in the Modern Age, practical of the reading if the return for the alfabetizao, religion and process of industrialization. The book is transformed into an instrument of intellectual work.