Alan Garcia Perez

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The accusation was only to catapult to the top of Fame to a political front end disappearing, punished at the polls in the last governmental elections. Today we have that Fernando Olivera the eternal accuser, the moralist, in Peru, this autoexiliado in Spain, Alan Garcia Perez the accused by this man, is not the President of the Republic for the second time in the country of the incas. Where are the brainy journalists who wrote long and stupid articles loaded with fallacies, lies, very well supported in the theories of the politician that the Peruvian congressmen christened Popy? As can you see, the press in Peru, accused, accused, accused, puts huge libelous holders against persons who are persecuted, with or without evidence, only to sell more and earn the greatest possible harmony. So most of the Peruvian press, honrosisimas exceptions. Eva Bracamonte Fefer has not been syndicated by the gunman as the person who paid him to kill Ms. Miriam Fefer, but this Dam. Eva Bracamonte Fefer, need not make the least effort, or fight with their relatives for the family fortune, because he simply inherited it.

His grandfather left his solucion her and not her mother. So she can do what you want with that money that belongs to you legally, but that you want to be stripped. Heiress legitimizes it, the person who was chosen by the father of the sra Fefer, is the main suspect for authorities. But it is a reasonable question we can ask ourselves: If ud is heir to legitimate, universal and unique fortune from his grandfather, he would kill his mother to be able to access it? Is this reasonable? Clear that do not. Because ud can have his inherited fortune, without much problem, as nobody can be opposed to the last will of his grandfather. You don’t need laws against anyone, fights since ud is the beneficiary of the single testament of his grandfather.