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Unquestionably that he competes to adults to give example, in circumstance good-example, that one that takes the child to want to imitate, therefore, model that can to bring something of good in relation what it exists, because, independently of the subjectividade of the values and the gostos, always will have a set of procedures that serve the interest of the biggest possible number, then, of the society in general. He is for the responsible and generous example that the children of today could be the adults who the generations of the diverse ones to be able actuais it had not been. The efectuada reflection has more than forty years, is remained, bothering, current: ‘ ‘ Espectculo constant of adults who if impose duties fulfills and them; they do not run away to the obligations, for pparently insignificant minors and, therefore they know how much he is mysterious and fugidio the moment of the influence; they do not look for to acquit its lacks with fteis reasons; not they lie to the others nor itself same; they do not joke with the serious things; in short, they are demanding I obtain proper and obey with love the certain laws that them are superior; this respectful is and the par excellence infallible instrument of formation of the sense of responsabilidade.’ ‘ (SCHMIDT, 1967:296).

If the situation where in this beginning of century the humanity lives is of the responsibility of previous generations, that they had not educated the actuais conveniently, the question that is here for reflection is following: Then why they wait responsible, direct and the indirectos ones, for, immediately, developing the projectos that aim at the change for a new education with authority and responsibility? An education for the preparation of citizens, capable to provide general well-being, when in the exercise of politician-governmental functions? For the installation of the duties and rights of citizenship? For the exercise of the democratic authority partilhada between educators and educandos? At last, for a new society of the altruistic values, of pluralism at every level, the multiculturalismo and the free circulation of the people. For the tolerance and solidarity. Bibliography ALVES. the Martins, (1991).To act Venade Publishing company Caminha Portugal, 2011 Diamantino Loureno Rodrigues de Brtolo email: Personal Blog: Portugal: (Link Citizenship) Brazil:..