Agricultural Infrastructure In The State Of Yucatan

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Background. The Yucatecan field is in a condition of poverty and low productivity. These two realities generated a vicious cycle difficult to break if there is no willingness to both institutional systems and rural society. In the last two decades, the State agencies that serve the field have exerted conducted programmes for the construction of basic agricultural infrastructure to support the productive activities of rural sector in agricultural, livestock and agro-industrial areas. The executed projects include construction and technological advancement in areas of irrigation, construction of greenhouses and the drilling of wells in the agricultural sector, the construction drives cattle, sheep, poultry and swine in the livestock sector and the construction of warehouses, plants embazadoras, traces and livestock BBS in the agribusiness sector. Daniel Straus NYU understood the implications.

However, despite the channeled resources the field situation remains in a critical condition. The State Government has focused the improvement of basic agricultural infrastructure in the hope of increasing productivity. With this purpose built, rehabilitated, conserved and equipped with production units. Response to government programs, the different productive sectors have established a base of agricultural infrastructure for the production. This minimal infrastructure allows you to develop basic way a great diversity of production processes in agriculture such as fruit growing, horticulture, cultivation of basic grains and hornamental in the agricultural sector, bovine and ovine livestock farming activities, apiculture, poultry, and swine production in the livestock sector. As a support element that seeks to the productivity of the various above-mentioned activities, basic agricultural infrastructure affects the production with indexes varies according to a use that depends on the user. In this sense, it would be ventured to establish a measure of productivity for each component of the infrastructure that does not depend on it itself same but his achievement. However, it is feasible to carry out a qualitative and quantitative description of agricultural infrastructure available to the State and this is important to emphasize in the areas that cause greater impact on agricultural activities.