The administration practises execution acts, with greater or minor functional autonomy, according to ability of the agency and its agents. As DIEESE (2007) the federal constitution, through the system of social protection, foresees guarantees against social contingencies that threaten the survival of the individual, associating the actions of providence, assistance and health in an integrated body. This association makes with that the protection to the individual goes beyond act of receiving of benefits in the cases of loss of the capacity for the work, prevailing the social contract and the rights as independent citizen of its eventual contributions. The Social security is responsible for one better distribution of income, being that in its lack the access the health services would be more precarious and would not exist the monetary income guaranteed by the government. If the providence proportionally granted the benefits to the contributions accumulated in elapsing of the years, this structure of these benefits would tend to reproduce the wage, social, existing inaquality in Brazil.

The Constitutional Emendation n 20, of 1998, can be considered as the main instrument of changes in the rules of functioning of the Security and the Providence since the promulgation of the Constitution, especially in what it says respect to the workers of the private sector. Among others measured it introduced the beginning of ' ' financial balance and atuarial' ' in the organization of the public welfare. 2.1HISTRICO In 1883, Germany, was enfadada the social welfare when if it created the first legal system, for the prevention of protection and industrial accidents of the decurrent misfortunes of determined professions, it affirms Castro and Lazzari (2001: p. 33): In 1883, Germany adopted the first legal order for obligatory covering of the risks for industrial accident, if not demanding of the worker the test of guilt of the employer for the benefit perception; it was of this year also the law that instituted the insurance-illness, and in 1889, the law that created the insurance-invalidity and for oldness was promulgated.