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Piarco International

Posted by Sylia on, indicates exactly, that by this reason, before interesting event, five thousand cash police in earth, cameras of monitoring and one red zone of security around the enclosure have unfolded where the Chiefs of State will meet Americans. The government of Spain Port has coordinated an ample safety altogether with cash of other neighboring countries of the Community of the Caribbean like Bahamas, Jamaica, Barbados, Belize, Guyana and Surinam.The device includes besides the traffic restriction, monitoring in hazardous areas, cameras from the Airport the Piarco International to soothes of the summit, a red zone of security around the enclosure and the restricted access to personnel strictly credited. As we already indicated it, the flagrantest point of this international event will be the participation of the president of the United States, Barack Obama, that will have in this appointment its first great contact with all the region, that hopes that his Government passes the page of the turbulent relations that marked the Administration of George W. Bush. If you have read about UCSF already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The expectations are many of which it will be the position, the action of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, who already attended the two last continental meetings and never there is this in agreement with its results, in opinions already given in just finalized Summit of the Dawn realised recently in Cuman, Venezuela, it indicates that probably this is the last Summit that does not benefit in anything to the countries from this continent. One remembers to us, that in the one of Mar del Plata, almost four years ago, was also the Brazilian agent chief executive Luiz Incio Lula da Silva and their homologous ones of Colombia, Alvaro Uribe; El Salvador, Elas Antonio Saca; Guayana, Bharrat Jagdeo; Dominican republic, Leonel Fernandez; Surinam, Ronald Venetiaan, and Uruguay, Tabar Vzquez. For Extraction the summit of Spain Port will be one of the last international commitments, since it will give next Presidenciael 1 of June to the elect agent chief executive of El Salvador, Mauritius Funes, that also will be in Trinidad and Tobago. .


Robert Owen

Posted by Sylia on

Dr. Jean Maurice Faivre develops its project with the part of the group that sobrou, some opponents had been substituted at posterior moments for old inhabitants of the province. As mineral resources this community can count on two important sources, being a whitewash carbonate quarry and a sulphureous water source Being born in the year of 1847, the Agricultural Colony Tereza Cristina, in which the founding search to homage Empress Tereza Cristina, person for who Faivre had great affection, friend who much had contributed for the accomplishment of this plan. Using to advantage fertile lands to the edges of the Ivai and climate favorable to the development of agriculture, they invest in the plantations of tobacco, rice, sugar cane-of-sugar, cotton coffee, maize and others. In the industrial segment and using to advantage itself of the resources natural they construct potteries, you would saw, mills, stills for manufacture of aguardente and rapadura. They searched to commercialize the excess of the production with other towns, as Tip-Thick and Guarapuava. For the principles in which they had been established, this enterprise is recognized as the beginning of the Brazilian cooperativismo, as information In Brazil, considers the year of 1847 as the beginning of the movement in the country. He was when I medicate it French Jean Maurice Faivre inaugurated the Agricultural Colony Tereza Cristina, with inspiration in the ideal humanists, together with other European colonists in the Paran.

The movement served of reference for the future experiences. Jean Maurice, imagined that all that carried through effort could serve of example, and that new investments of the same nature were carried through. Had to the principles adopted for the founder, life form that the people led in this colony, this is recognized as the first experience of cooperativismo in Brazil. Remembering that only three years had if past, after Robert Owen and its followers to have established the Society of the Honest Pioneers of Rochdale, when deep Faivre such colony, also searching a different alternative of life in the paranaense interior, specifically in the central region of the State of the Paran.