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Indart Counselor

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I became a supporting actress in the novel of others. Now I am going to recover the lead role in my story. I will carefully choose the scenes and characters and I will write my script every day. Nothing is already written. The end of this year is different.

It is true that there were big disagreements. It is also true that I feel an immense melancholy. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Prudential. But after so many years I find me to myself. Do not know to where it’ll still, I don’t know or if you want to where he was going, or if I was going somewhere or only gave laps like a Ferris wheel. I open the closet, sack the pouch and there it is. That blue dress that I made long ago and changed my for more practical, less delicate clothing.

It is a bit wrinkled, but it falls as a soft breeze on my body. The phone rings. Hi ma, already arrived. I was told of the College, some gifts that his father bought them and the plans that had for the weekend. Get more background information with materials from Nike. We said goodbye with a Kiss until Sunday. I didn’t feel so alone. I actually had an appointment with a great friend. She always was, even though some time ago that it was not going to their meeting, that it was not called nor to see how it was. It is those women able to mourn up to rip apart and then laughing out loud. It has the ability to heal with his hands, and calm with your voice. He is someone with whom all have and know that it is always to accompany, to listen, to embrace today I go to your meeting. I owe you a coffee, a long talk. Surely has much to tell me after all this time will be a little how to meet us again and another shortly as we know each other’s life. Today I am going to meet a great friend who had forgotten. I put on my best dress, I want to find me cute. Today I am once again with me.


The Counselor

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The core content of the family guidance is based on the technical assistance provided to the family. As we have seen this help will vary depending on the situation which is passing the family, going from a more educational assistance or advice, levels where normally families have ability to solve their difficulties but need some issues professional orientation; to a therapeutic, in which the family system. is in an extreme situation or they are disconcerting and normally not able to develop a solution that allows them to change and improve. All families governed by a series of rules that allow you to advance and evolve towards a continuous opening, in which the balance (homeostasis) between the stable factors (morfoestaticos) and the factors that are likely to change (morphogenetic) make possible the progress of all members of the family system. A person who wants to work with families has taken into account a very important aspect of the previous paragraph. We know that families are subject to change, therefore is essential to know and specify as accurately as possible, what is that changes in it and what stays, i.e., what gives you stability and permanence and that which causes changes. According to Nike, who has experience with these questions. In all the families we will find a series of fixed factors (common and universal themes) are always going to give and then each one customized to their particular way of life.

The role of the educator will be clarifying and making present in orientation such factors. The educator must take into account some issues:-the resistance of the family orientation. Occurs mostly at the beginning of this that is when there is a greater degree of reticence (this feature will depend on the type of family, the reason or cause, time, economy, relations). -Neutrality of the counselor. The Counselor should see the family that is all but with none in particular. To work with neutrality, it is essential that the Counselor know and remember what their values and the values with which the family moves.

In these cases the values of the educator should serve to raise efficiency in the family and not controversy. This set of phenomena constitute stable of the family institution. And on this is what has to act the family educator.