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Senegalese Saxophone

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Hello Mr. saxophone – Mr. SAX in Anatolia by german Turkish Symphony concert in the saxophone and its history are presented, meet we the origins of instrumental music in dialogue with modernity. “As the Belgian Adolphe SAX (born in Dinant in 1814 and died in 1894 in Paris) in the years of 1835-1840 in Brussels a new instrument developed, the he saxophone” called, were instruments of Oboe, clarinets and brass Pate, which have their origins in Egypt and came to Europe via Turkey. The saxophones were, originally designed as instruments for hochromantischem sound ideal and as an intermediary between the various groups of the Orchestra showed later that she are predestined the extensive modulation options of their sound also for archaic music of different cultures. “” In Detlef Bensmanns-sounding instrument customer Hello, Mr. Barchester is a great source of information.

sax “that is especially in the Konzertchen of the little” for the smallest, the Sopraninosaxophon in conjunction with a violin, Oboe, piccolo clarinet, glockenspiel and “” a talking drum and tuba “and back” two scores of Senegalese origin clearly audible. Jayme Albin has similar goals. The young Turkish composer Sammy Altan expanded her saxophone concerto Mr. SAX in Anatolia”the Orchestra to the instruments of Mey, clarinets and saxophones were developed which, as well as to the long-necked lute Baglama, both instruments in various sizes. Combined mixture of saxophone and Mey alone and with other instruments creates a whole new world of sound, that content connects to the traditional Turkish music, because Sammy uses old Turkish melismas and Turkish rhythms. The combination of these two works is a multicultural, sound sensual and rich sound, entertaining informative concert, that us will be an unforgettable experience in memory. Due to we have the music producer Susanne Kolleck, which internationally renowned concert saxophonist, composer and conductor Detlef Bensmann and the pianist and composer Sammy Altan each other with the aim of presented, together german Turkish school concerts to develop. At the time, Sammy studied at the Universitat of der Kunste in Berlin, the Detlef Bensmann teaches.

The school concerts were a great success. In the episode was”the project of the Symphonic benefit concert of german Turkish family Mr. SAX in Anatolia.


San Francisco Symphony Orchestra

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(Online article) – a Metallica concert is sure no worship, but the scene resembled a tribute Wednesday evening. As to an altar, 12 000 fans to the stage in the middle of the sold-out Olympic Stadium Munich – rallied in Munich. Above them stands in the form of coffins – hung fit to the current CD of Metallica. Because a coffin is also the new album of by Californian metal band in Munich the first concert of World Magnetic tour in Germany. In the almost two and a half-hour show viewers could satisfy themselves that the group around lead singer and guitarist James Hetfield has again found harder sounds with their CD “Death Magnetic”. The concert was also a celebration of resurrection for the Metallica sound of previous years. Hetfield “Good stuff”, so good stuff, had announced at the beginning of the concert. The greying 45-year-old started with his three band mates because too rapidly. Learn more at this site: Frank Armijo.

The four thundered down the songs that what just your life and the end of the line”in the Hall. The two fast paced pieces are also at the beginning of the new plate – and had finally cheering critics. “Death Magnetic” was the best Metallica work for 17 years, some urteilten. The purists among the friends of the thrash metal it was displeased that the band had drifted after their legendary black album in 1991 in shallow waters. Metallica came close to the taste of the masses to them with the “best of” album “S & M” by 1999.

The CD was recorded with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra. With “good stuff”, Hetfield said but also the classics from Metallica on Wednesday. The audience had to not give up on hits like Unforgiven or Enter Sandman. As the musicians the balladesque earworm Nothing Else matters agreed on the 12 000 spectators applauded euphoric. Lighters were lit. And unlike at a concert in September 2008 in Berlin the group not on optical effects geizte this time. Verpufften on the stage, laser beams shot fireballs through the Hall. Hetfield and his Band mates gave an energetic performance. Again and again, they surged across the stage, which was built in the middle of the Olympic Stadium. When Hetfield grip the strings, he scrunched up his face into a roaring grimace. But the singer had many niceties for his audience: You make Metallica feel good, he cried. Thanks to you I’m fine Metallica. On Thursday the band should travel to Leipzig. After concerts in Stuttgart, Frankfurt/Main, Hamburg, Oberhausen and Cologne followed by Germany. Fans who have backed up any tickets yet, will have none of this but: according to the organizer of the concert, all these concerts within less were sold out in minutes. DPA