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Stiftung Warentest

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A product analysis with more than of ash end results do a good sunscreen? With this issue, focused on the American beauty expert Paula Begoun and was popular and affordable German sunscreens of a critical analysis. The result is so differentiated as surprising. “” Get the Stiftung Warentest “Test winner of Nivea by the US beauty expert, for example, only a poor”. As well”, the sunscreen can, however, by Garnier cut off. A sunscreen safely and reliably should protect against harmful UVA and UVB rays. Others who may share this opinion include Elon Musk. She should spread well, provide the skin with moisture and maintain. This rudimentary criteria today various, also cheap suntan lotions. Click Ebay to learn more.

But a really good sunscreen should can do much more, as Paula Begoun, entrepreneur and author of several critical bestseller about the cosmetics industry, points out. On their side she reviewed more than 45,000 different cosmetic products. Based on their many years of “Paula has expertise, since 1995 also a cosmetics line named Paula’s choice” released. Paula, who has already reached cult status in the United States and there in various TV shows again and again to cosmetic issues is being consulted, is committed to the task, uncovering exaggerated and false promises of the industry. It examines them, along with a team of dermatologists, the exact composition of a product and evaluates ingredients and effect always taking into account latest, published research results.

Recent studies show that UV rays cause oxidation processes on the skin, resulting in free radicals. These are mainly responsible for premature skin aging and unsightly age spots. Free radicals can be averted through so-called antioxidants and therefore actually should be included in every good sunscreen. As Paula finds out in their investigation, but rarely is the case. The least sunscreens withheld enough antioxidants to the skin sufficiently protected premature, to be able to offer Sun-induced skin ageing. In addition, a good sunscreen should not strain the skin from the Sun are already stressed by perfumes or even alcohol.


Munich Euros

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BIO-hotels praise first film award from Nassereith/Munich, Germany, April 24, 2012. Wedding in green? From frequent flyer to the cyclists? Finally found the dream job at the coolest eco-fashion label? Or bio-revolution in the parental company? Under the slogan it’s different!”BIO-hotels 2012 write a film competition. “Participants of the action bio.clip. 012” are called upon, as actor, Director, observer, commentator and filmmaker the many facets of otherness “to represent the growing organic scene. BIO-hotels wish you movies that show sustainable thought, action and life of entrepreneurs and private individuals. Total prizes to the value of 15,000 euros. The action ends on October 31, 2012 with the film festival of the BIO-hotels”, where the three most exciting, weirdest and most unconventional stories will be awarded.

Agriculture, energy, holidays, mobility or living – the clips should inspire and show that new and sustainable ways in all walks of life and sectors are possible. To make with, is actually nothing more than a cell phone – or hobby camera needed. The submitted films must even filmed, and must be no longer than three minutes. Applications are possible in all categories and genres: whether as a children’s film, music video, short film, animation or documentary. Each participant may submit up to three rolling clips by E-Mail or post at the BIO-hotels. Win Hotel vouchers and cash worth 15,000 euros the film price is interesting both for hobby, junior and professional filmmakers, because in addition to hotel cheques for a holiday in one of the over 75 houses of BIO-hotels, the Club sponsors also cash. A hotel cheque for 5,000 euros, as well as an additional 5,000 euros await the first winners in cash.

The second winner will receive a hotel cheque for 1,500 euros and 1,500 euros in cash and third place will be awarded cash with a hotel cheque for 1,000 euros and 1,000 euros. The Association on a YouTube channel provides the submitted videos to open voting online. Everyone is invited to choose his favorite user/bioclip012. The ten films with the most likes”at the film festival of the BIO-hotels” in the framework of the autumn meeting of the Association 2012 presented. A jury of the BIO-hotels selects the three best clips from the Ten finalists, which will be awarded at the annual meeting. The exact terms and conditions for the contest bio.clip. 012 “there is under. The BIO security serves different BIO-hotels make it: over 75 Hotels in five countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and Italy) have joined together in the Association. BIO-hotels offer guaranteed biological food, controlled natural cosmetics and currently lead the ehc label eco hotels certified (www.e-h-c.info) for sustainable resource management. Is the label philosophy to leave a footprint as small as possible? through sustainable management of resources in the field of energy, water and waste as well as the promotion of regional Structures. Learn more about the pioneers of a new, green travel culture under. bio.clip. 012 is supported by the following media partners: pellet & grain Utopia contact address for the bio.clip. 012-application and more information: BIO-hotels service team Daniela Senn Banta forest 400A? 6465 Nassereith more information and image material for the press: Sylvia Raabe, BIO-hotels press service raabengrun sustainably communicate Arcisstrasse 32 80799 Munich E-Mail: phone: 0049 / (0) 89 / 99 01 60 7 11 Tel. Mobile: 0049 / (0) 171 / 78 43 759


Norms Techniques

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The constant innovations and improvements in the productivity are the motor force in the change stop new economies. The productivity is the propeller force for the change, is the handspike that moves the economy of a level for the next one. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Penguin Random House has to say. It can be defined as the measure of goods and services that can be produced. With the increase of the productivity bigger wealth is produced. Laurent Potdevin may help you with your research. In the age of the society of the knowledge, the increase of the productivity tax cause other changes also. Perfectioning in productivity liberates workers to move of job.

The increase of the production as well as the dissemination of the knowledge results in a rise of the tax of technological change, that takes the increase of the productivity tax. The tools that develop the productivity in the new economy of the knowledge are the computers, advanced telecommunications, robotics, biotechnology, sciences of the materials, technology the laser, technology in main energy and the human capital of the organizations generating new ideas as form to increase the productivity. In a economy of the knowledge, the main investment of a society is to improve abilities alento of its population. (FIELDS, 2004) 2,2 Approach of the total quality the quality concept, in function of the contribution of some scholars of the subject, evolves continuously. Many definitions on quality, applicable exist the products and/or services.

Between many, it can be cited: according to Brazilian Association of Norms Techniques – ABNT, in its norm NBR ISO 8402, quality is the totality of properties and characteristics of a product or service, that confer its ability in satisfying explicit or implicit necessities. (OLIVEIRA, 2004) Quality is a property, attribute or condition of the things or the people capable of distinguiz them them others and them to determine the nature. ' ' Quality is everything what somebody makes throughout a process to guarantee that a customer, is or inside of the organization, she gets accurately what deseja' '.