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Constructive Conflict Management Reflections

Posted by Sylia on

Introduction conflicts are natural part of human life, although you won’t accept this situation as natural or normal. As human beings we are beings of relationships in which there are differences because we are different people who live in society on the basis of certain consensus or minimum agreements. Conflicts require be managed or handled by persons involved in them, because to be natural elements they gestate, exploit or arise and are sometimes resolved or are also transformed into new conflicts. But in all cases it is necessary to handle conflicts and conflicts do not handle people. This work is a contribution with the simple aim of sharing learning daily professional practice as a lawyer, because I also live conflicts and I strive to manage them or handle them constructively, avoiding the negative development of the same, and because I am convinced that in every conflict handled constructively there is an opportunity for change and growth. 1. The conflict as an opportunity a conflict is: an expressed struggle between at least two parties who perceive incompatible goals, a shortage of resources and interference by the other side in the scope of your goals (Hocker and Wilmot) conflict is understood or perceived mostly as something negative because assumptions in this regard or very close ideas are what make seeing the conflict as something negative and potentially very damaging andYou must therefore be reduced to a minimum or stop quickly. It is necessary to view the conflict as an opportunity and change ideas seeing the conflict as something potentially very productive but, so it is necessary to use it, handle it, or manage it skillfully. Explain the advantages of the conflict as an opportunity because: the conflict permeates life within an organization; Poorly managed conflicts are expensive; No one WINS when a struggle increases; You need two to conflict and also to exit of the; Antagonism is not the problem, but part of the solution; The diversity of views and opinions and information is indispensable to solve problems; The conflict It combines tension and opposite directions turning them into workable solutions.