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Unifying Data

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Therefore, I thought it would be ideal to unify the different sources of information available which, in one place, to which only relevant information is incorporated on the basis of an organized structure integrated logic, dynamic and easy operation. The answer to this was the Data Warehouse or Data Warehouse (DW). However, to make efficient use of historical information stored in a DW to aid decision making was vital to ensure that these data are readily available, standardized and reliable. Still, the problem of data cleansing is little treated or prevented by many companies, not adequately consider the business impact of having insufficient information stored. DATA WAREHOUSE. BASIC CONCEPTS A Data Warehouse or Data Warehouse (DW) is a topic-oriented information store to meet the needs of applications of Decision Support Systems (DSS) and Executive Information (EIS), which provides access to corporate information management, control and support for decision making. 4 This information is built from databases that record the business transactions of organizations (operational database) and its importance lies in elements like the following: Contributes to making tactical and strategic decisions by providing an automated way to identify key information from volumes of data generated by traditional processes or pieces of software. It enables to measure the actions and results in a better way.

Business processes can be optimized. The time spent waiting for information that ultimately is incorrect or missing, is eliminated. It allows users to prioritize decisions and actions, for example, what customer segments should be sent the following marketing efforts. . Art Gallery is often quoted as being for or against this.