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Alone Nationwide

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The detective agency Lentz has offices nationwide. Clients benefit from the local knowledge, faster operational capability and the Elimination of travel expenses. The detective agency Lentz is one of the most experienced and most respected investigative agencies. For approximately 20 years offered nationwide observation and investigation in the different areas of the law, in the private sector, such as suspicion of infidelity or unlawful keep cheating, as well as in the sector such as salary fraud, unauthorised activities, etc. The detective agency Lentz staff the client thereby not only nationwide, but even in Europe and if required also in overseas available. In Germany alone, the detective agency Lentz has 17 branches (amateur / branches). These are chosen strategically so that they coordinate the use of private investigators nationwide optimally.

Hamburg Office of detectives Lentz so coordinates, for example, the Hamburg Office of the Detektei Lentz am Millerntor bets for all over North Germany. The detective agency Lentz is established since 1995 as a private detective agency in Hamburg and has since then successfully solved hundreds of cases in the city and surrounding area. So, it is for the customer ensures that the inserted Detectives are according to location and knowledgeable. Because the detective agency Lentz provides very high demands on their discovery services, she works exclusively with in-house detectives, who are equipped with the most modern technical means. Subcontractors, temporary workers or semi-skilled police officers do not include employees of the Detektei Lentz.

The numerous positive reviews and recommendations alone of the Hamburg branch show that these high standards are also implemented and perceived by the clients. Frankfurt is as it were the cradle of economic investigation agency Lentz as the cradle of the Detektei Lentz branch Frankfurt/Main. In Frankfurt, the Managing Director Marcus Lentz worked first as a hired detective. Then he made himself with his own Detective Agency independently. Already in the year 2000 he moved with his detective agency and in the meantime eight employees to Hanau to first on the Bruchkobeler road, later on the Danube road. He opened offices in the surroundings, such as Bad Homburg and Frankfurt. Soon followed also offices in Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Konstanz, Munich, Berlin and Cologne. Today, the detective agency Lentz in Germany alone has 17 branches. The above mentioned offices include the offices in Dusseldorf, Hannover, Heidelberg, Karlsruhe, Rostock and Saarbrucken. Due to the always necessary foreign missions have offices in England, Spain, Hong Kong, China and the United States followed. Anonymous, free advice of detectives Lentz regardless of which branch the principal turns personal clarity to obtain or verify a suspicion in the business environment, each request is request anonymously, free of charge and without obligation by phone answered under the respective phone number the establishment or freecall: (0800) 589 42 78 contact Lentz GmbH & co.kg detectives Julia Braun Nurnberger Strasse 4 63450 Hanau (0800) 88 333 11 (toll-free)


Measure Philosophy

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TEDxRheinMain invites you to the communication event on 29 October in the Museum for communication in Frankfurt. Under the motto everything beings”shows the non profit event TEDxRheinMain on 29 October in Frankfurt the wide range of the US daily surrounded communication at. Speakers from business, society and music give visitors with insights into the different effectiveness of communication in the public, politics or culture. Anyone who ever wanted to know, why diplomats so ambiguous expressed and how political correctness has to do with authenticity, learns the truth behind the deceptive speech at the lecture”by philosopher and management consultant Prof. Dr.

Klaus-Jurgen Grun, what we should keep in mind in dealing with truth and lies. Manouchehr Shamsrizi raises the question of the Centre for political beauty, what values our society attaches the message topics and why plagiarism scandals more interest than German arms in crisis regions. Politically, it remains at Gabriel Garcia, head of the European Central Bank. The financial expert is talk about money and confidence and Moreover, which means communication in the financial market and in politics. On a cultural level techno artist Robert Babicz and the violinist and PhD musicologist Friedemann Eichhorn ensure the acid an appearance contradictory at first glance. “” In their lectures the philosophy of music “and music as a universal language and unique constant in a time of accelerated communication” both musicians show important communicative importance of music is. Kronberg Academy will provide along with a soloist also a practical proof Eichhorn for his presented theory. Not acoustically and visually graffiti artist takes bomber”with style the visitors writing in recent years on a voyage of discovery through the.

Apparently, paving the way of the Frankfurter sprayer scene explains how this communication in the city has changed. Is also one of him specially for the event developed work to the stage. Elements of the gesamtkunstwerk BoxMe”can be purchased as part of the ticket sale. The event starts at 7: 00 in the Museum for communication. Because it is a non-commercial event, donations and sponsors are welcome. There are tickets and more info see, facebook.com/tedxrheinmain and TEDxRheinMain, the regional counterpart of the American TED conferences (TED stands for technology, entertainment, design), is a self-organizing non profit event. Beings under the motto everything”refer to several actors from the cultural, political and economic space about the importance of their individual forms of expression, communication and effectiveness. Contact: Michaela Sadewasser Tel.: 069/240088-29 PP: AGENDA GmbH E-Mail: Hanauer Landstrasse 135, 60314 Frankfurt