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Produce an industrial product generates three fundamental things:-create a product from its origin, it’s like fathering a child and love (though speaking) is a thousand times higher that would be re-sold (which produced another) as well as the growth of a child involves feeding it, dress it, educate it, cure it if you get sick, etc, same thing happens with a productive business, must be fed (investment and reinvestment), dress it (purchase of inputs, materials, containers, etc), educate him (our staff or ourselves in courses or seminars to help improve it), cure it if becomes ill (recapitalization, bank loans, mortgages, even layoffs if necessary to save it from bankruptcy, etc)-when we see that our product meets needs and our brand is in homes, offices, public buildings, etc etc etc. It is like watching our son achieved their goals, maybe wanted to be engineer, doctor, astronoauta, or even President and succeeded!. When one produces, planting hope and cling tooth and nail to save his business.Instead in multilevel business, day after day we see how fans of the multilevel network, given that they are not robots, many of these followers abandon business realizing that products they are very expensive, by very beneficial than, or are scams. Or the means of payment in their countries do not allow the entire forms easy to employ in order to sell to the whole world. On the other hand, when one produces, by the use we give to who (is) work for us, our workers are likely to be imbued with the mysticism of our company.

Those who start the business as employees feel something as well as be uncles or godfathers of the business or even lullabies of the business, finding himself identified with himself, as being a baby nanny, watch it grow and see how achieve each of your goals. And, as time goes by, new employees will be watching an organization that has been settling slowly with years of effort and which shaft straightening its trunk, on the basis of the vicissitudes that time is giving you, will strengthen.On the other hand, a business of multilevel which in its 99% is made by people who believe that money is made easy, and to the extent that the followers tend to be idle, the absence of a mystic by the company and the products that they sell, not to receive the expected monetary benefits, most branches of the tree will fall, and only the first win (which financial pyramid). MLM gurus are nothing more than messengers of idleness and the easy work, even pretend to say WINS while you’re sleeping or things so.